Monday, October 15, 2007

Light Bulb Moment Dr. Phil

It has been quite the week. I recently attended my sister's wedding in California. Then visited Dallas for a week. I caught up with friends I had not seen in a long time. Truthfully the adjustment to Chicago has not been as smooth sailing as I had hoped. I struggled constantly with being homesick. My fears overtook me and blinded me from the great city I now live in. I mention this because after the trip I realized just how much I appreciated Chicago. My family will always be my family, my friends closer than they were before because being away made me appreciate them more. It seemed like old times, getting drunk and catching each other up on new adventures and additions to our family ( This is a shout out to Buddy), but it dawned on me that not moving forward as they all did, left me behind. However cliche it sounds it is true. I am now resigned to start growing forward. My partner has been instrumental in my well being up to this point and now its my turn to take the reigns so to speak. Although I miss everyone in Dallas, and all of you from Arizona and New Mexico very much it can no longer hinder my growth and adjusments, as well as my developing relationships with new people.So here I am with a light bulb blinking over my head and with a certain peace knowing that just because I can always move back, I no longer have too.