Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hi Dear. How was your day?

I have recently discovered that I have turned into June Cleaver. I dress everyday even if I'm not going anywhere. I clean the house, and cook dinner every night. I smile at the neighbors when they pass by me on the sidewalk. I am constantly having to teach my partner social etiquette. When I go to he grocery store everyone who works there knows me. They say "Hi David, how are you today?" I say "Fine, and how is work going for you today?" I am not kidding. I put on fake smiles at people I despise. I treat our dog and cat as if they are human, they are my Wally and Beaver. When my partner comes home i always ask about his day. What the hell happened to me? I was the guy at the grocery store that cashiers would roll their eyes at because I would not let them give me any lip. I was the guy who ordered dinner off a menu just before my partner got home. I was the guy who would have traded the dog and cat for a mink coat (this one is still up in the air). I was the guy who would tell my partner I did not want to hear about any work crap, i was tired. Age has done some bad things to me to this point, but this has got to be the most evil thing thus far. It mellowed me out. God help me.

Peer Pressure

This week has been very quiet. Quiet you ask? Yes quiet. This is because my partner has been on a business trip. I can sprawl out in bed without having to push him aside. I can watch all the television shows I want. I can eat like a college kid and not care. Basically i am bored off my ass. I have no one to pick a fight with. I have no one to make fun of. I have no one's closet to go to rearrange differently and out of order just to bug them. I have to take all the turns at walking the dog. I miss him. He is currently in out hometown getting drunk with friends. While i decided responsibly not to have any alcohol this weekend.Does this make me better than him? Yes. I have decided not to drink all weekend. What I have discovered is all my friends here in Chicago and Dallas for that matter, drink excessively. I also discovered that I am the black sheep this weekend because i have been called by everybody on my dart team to go out and drink. When i explain my plan for not drinking they made fun of me. Then they said I should just forget about my plan and go out. I said that they were enablers. They said we enable each other so that's why we are not alcoholics and I need to go back to my denial faze about drinking.I said no.So here i am on Saturday night by myself spending time with a stranger, a stranger named David Jimenez.