Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just Venting

I have been in a relationship now for nearly 4 years and it amazes me that some people think they know my relationship better than I do. They look at me and Dalton whom they have known for only a short period of time and analyze what they think the dynamic of our relationship is. I find myself border line insulted by their assumptions. One assumption is that I am Dalton's "boy" who spends his days shopping and going to the gym. While I do like a good pair of shoes every now and then this is simply not the case. Another assumption I have recently discovered is that Dalton lavishes me with what I want because they feel he and I do not compliment each other physically. What the hell? This is more insulting to him than me. These are assumptions that I knew very well existed but were not confirmed until we met up with a friend last night for a drink. I will go record saying that no one really knows a relationship looking in from the outside. We have each sacrificed for each other and I will admit at the moment Dalton is the primary bread winner but there have been times when that role was reversed. As far as looks go, there is no man more attractive in my eyes than Dalton ( except maybe for Daniel Craig, but I digress.) We share a both good and bad times together. We have our disagreements, but who doesn't? We have mutual respect for one another and a strong love. I realize that having to defend my relationship with him should not have to be done, but I just needed to vent. Dalton himself could care less, which is one of the traits I admire in him. I however still carry that high school trait of caring what is said about me, and believe me much has been said. I know I shouldn't care, especially since those who make these assumptions are not exactly models for solid relationships but it still bugs me. I guess i will have to just live with it.


JOEY said...

"Three Snaps in a Circle"-

Ummm Hmmm

Vicky said...

Don't listen to those beatches!! We know the real deal!! Everyone can just kiss your ass or better yet they can kiss my ass 'cause you know it'll take them all night long and then some!!