Saturday, January 10, 2009

Peer Pressure

This week has been very quiet. Quiet you ask? Yes quiet. This is because my partner has been on a business trip. I can sprawl out in bed without having to push him aside. I can watch all the television shows I want. I can eat like a college kid and not care. Basically i am bored off my ass. I have no one to pick a fight with. I have no one to make fun of. I have no one's closet to go to rearrange differently and out of order just to bug them. I have to take all the turns at walking the dog. I miss him. He is currently in out hometown getting drunk with friends. While i decided responsibly not to have any alcohol this weekend.Does this make me better than him? Yes. I have decided not to drink all weekend. What I have discovered is all my friends here in Chicago and Dallas for that matter, drink excessively. I also discovered that I am the black sheep this weekend because i have been called by everybody on my dart team to go out and drink. When i explain my plan for not drinking they made fun of me. Then they said I should just forget about my plan and go out. I said that they were enablers. They said we enable each other so that's why we are not alcoholics and I need to go back to my denial faze about drinking.I said no.So here i am on Saturday night by myself spending time with a stranger, a stranger named David Jimenez.

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JOEY said...

Never talk to strangers.

Did the stranger touch you inappropriately?